Make your company future-fit
with startups
Select from the full Corporate
Venturing toolbox
Enable ambidextrous organization through startups
Speed of transformation & innovation efficiency
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Select from the full Corporate
Venturing toolbox
Enable ambidextrous organization through startups
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Welcome to

Corporate Startup Readiness

Let us discover together how your corporation can leverage the speed of transformation through top startups to tackle your challenges.
Let us together explore the full potential of Venture Clienting and elevate your innovation strategy to new heights of impact.

For the greater good.


Boost corporate innovation
with startup solutions

Large corporates struggle with

  • organizational ambidexterity
  • keeping up with Industry 5.0 or Generative AI
  • slow purchasing processes and strong Non-Invented-Here-Syndrome

Large corporates can address their organizational ambidexterity challenges by embracing the speed and radicalness of startups, utilizing them as valuable resources to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.


Drive innovation 3x cheaper and
5x faster with external startups

To become and stay innovative, corporates need to train their organization to digest external innovation and to become an easy client of startups.

That’s what I call
Corporate Startup Readiness!
Through Venture Clienting corporates are able to leverage innovation efficiency and scale speed of transformation.

CH Stage

Corporate Startup Readiness

The Process

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Corporate Startup

  • review corporate startup innovation toolbox 
  • add missing tools to the toolbox
  • use every tool correctly and independently
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Venture Clienting

  • prepare the organization to digest startup solutions
  • establish Venture Clienting with Legal, Purchasing & IT
  • pull startups & test quickly
  • implement what works
  • measure the impact
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Ensure Corporate Future-Fitness

  • leverage R&D budget
  • gain competitiveness
  • increase innovation efficiency
  • accelerate speed of transformation
"Hi, my name is
Christian Hüttenhein

I help large corporates to make use of startups as a source of innovation and competitiveness.

I worked for corporates for 15 years. I founded startups and sold my third startup in 2022.
I worked for Bosch Ventures and co-founded Open Bosch, the Venture Client Unit of the Bosch Group.

And now, I help corporates to manage their startup readiness.”

Have a clear target and choose the right tool for the specific use case.

Christian is the independent middleman: the toolbox expert and your partner to spark innovation.

Some key facts about

Christian is both – a leading specialist on Venture Clienting and a seasoned master in what he calls Corporate Startup Readiness:

  • Startup founder and entrepreneur
  • Venture partner & co-founder of OPEN BOSCH
    at Bosch Ventures
  • Initiator of the Venture Clienting community
  • Co-founder & Head of Bosch Industry Consulting
  • Systemic organizational development coach
    (isb Wiesloch)
  • Diploma in East Asia Economics,
    Keio University Tokyo, an  expert in intercultural communication
  • Husband, father, family man, karateka, and sushi addict

Most importantly, Christian will add inspiration and grit to your team. His energy is infectious.

Videos, Interviews, Keynotes & more

Venture Clienting as key to innovation:
Learn from the Corporate Startup Readiness expert

Christian is highly sought-after as a conversation partner and keynote speaker on efficient innovation and the speed of transformation. Learn more about Venture Clienting:



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